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Blood Relatives: Breaking the Cycle; Breaking the Silence - By Darlene Greene  $10.00


“Every 7 seconds a woman is beaten and abused by a partner or ex-partner. Every 48 hours a woman is being murdered in the United States and 25% of all homicides in this country of women between the ages of 15-24 are relationship or dating related.”
Darlene Greene knows about these and other related statistics when it comes to domestic abuse and violence against women and girls. In her book, Blood Relatives: Breaking the Cycle; Breaking the Silence, Darlene opens a vein and bleeds her painful truth. The truth of dealing with the aftermath of the violence inflicted upon a beloved cousin, aunt and younger sister.
She is determined that their tragic deaths and the death of other women and girls at the hands of men who profess to ‘love’ them will not be in vain.
Darlene Greene is Founder and Executive Director of The Ina Mae Greene Foundation, a valuable resource for victims of domestic abuse. Her purpose is focused on helping women and girls leave a violent situation “safely.”
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