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Darlene Greene 


Speaker ~ Author ~ Consultant

about the founder

Darlene Greene is president and CEO of DGreene Sales Solutions, LLC, a sales and marketing support company for manufacturers of health and beauty products. Her professional background includes over 30 years in the area of sales and marketing in which she has received numerous distinguished sales awards.

As a native of Chicago, Darlene’s life changed forever when her youngest sister Ina Mae was lost to domestic violence. This tragedy prompted her to develop an organization where women in crisis could go to receive help and resources to escape potentially deadly situations. 


The Ina Mae Greene Foundation-For My Sisters (IMGF), a 501c3 is an educational, resource and information foundation. The foundation's objective is to raise awareness about the atrocities of domestic abuse. Darlene is a very passionate speaker and lecturer on the topic of domestic violence and domestic abuse.


In addition to conducting dating violence awareness training and teen dating violence education, Ms. Greene lectures on how to leave an abusive relationship safely. She is the author of two important Domestic Violence safety and resource books; “When You Live in Fear: How to Get Out of a Relationship that is Killing You!”  This book is a resources and information guide for victims of domestic abuse who are trying to leave a dangerous relationship, and "Blood Relatives Breaking the Cycle. . .Breaking the Silence (Exposing the Ugliness of Domestic Violence)", the true story of three women in Darlene’s family who were murdered by men they dated. "Big Momma Didn’t Tell Me!", this book is a fictional account of the Curtis family lineage.


IMGF also conducts workplace violence training for corporations helping to ensure that they are in compliance with workplace violence policies dictated by the state. Her workplace violence seminars offer a step-by-step forum on how to develop policy that will assists male and female employees who are in a violent relationship. She also presents educational seminars for church leadership, staff, counselors, lay leaders and congregants on “How to Recognize Domestic Violence in Your Congregation".


Educational materials produced by IMGF include: “PAY ATTENTION”, a collection of red flags and warning signs women should pay attention to when dating; a workplace domestic violence guide, “When the Violence Follows You to Work”; a training guide and manual for teen and college students, the “Teen Dating Violence Safety Plan” and the “College Students Safety Plan Workbook.”


Darlene’s training background and many certifications includes the expertise in Domestic Violence Basics; Domestic Violence Safety Planning; Boundaries in Mental Health; Domestic Violence Victims Services for National Victims Assistance and DARCC advocacy training, Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center and CVC-Presumptive Eligibility Training from the office of the Attorney General.


A community voice, Darlene is a member of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Dallas Crime Victims Council, and Texas Council on Family Violence. The North Texas Crime Commission, Dallas crime victims task force as well as Voices-Family Justice Center Alliance.


In addition to lecturing and training, Darlene is a blog talk radio show host and Web TV show host on the Diva Tool Box. Her shows, both named, For My Sisters are national talk shows that touch on every aspect of domestic violence safety and healing. Her guests include psychologist, counselors, doctors and law enforcement professionals who help victims get the information they need to stay safe and to heal after abuse. She is also in the process of filming a documentary “MAN UP” – Men Speaking Out About Violence Against Women in Our Country.  


Ms. Greene has appeared as a guest on numerous talk/radio shows around the country including The Willis Johnson show KKDA 730 AM Dallas TX, “DA” WOLF –KKDA 730 AM radio in Dallas TX; Chicago Speaks-V103 radio and WVON, Chicago, Ill; local Christian television show Kingdom Girls with Tammy Richmond and the Armstrong William Show “The Right Side” in Washington, DC.


Ms. Greene was a recipient of the Journey of a Young Lady Honor Award for her work dedicated to bringing awareness to teen dating violence. She also received a certificate of appreciation and recognition from Hopes Door Shelter in Plano, TX for commitment to strengthening shelter resources and raising awareness about their plight. And recently, Darlene was awarded the Community Service and Involvement Award by the Metropolitan Alumni Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated for her work raising awareness and educating the community about the crime of Domestic Violence as it relates to community safety and wellbeing. The Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) Women of Leadership Award awarded Ina Mae Greene Foundation as an organization committed to providing educational resources and support to help victims of domestic abuse.

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