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Big Momma Didn't Say! is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships. 
​Through life altering experiences, Peaches King recognizes the finality that abuse often brings—and saw firsthand that in death there is no “do-over.” She dared to believe that it could be different and is living proof that a victim of relationship violence can heal from abuse and tragedy, move forward and have a healthy relationship. How this can happen to her, sadly was among the few things that “Big Momma Didn’t Say!”
Big Momma Didn’t Say is book two in the four part book series about the King Family. Read book one, What’s the Matter with James?!; book three, Big Momma Is Turning Over In Her Grave!; and book four, Men Cry at Night!
  • What People Are Saying

    "Reading your book can't put it down. I was only going to read a little more but can't stop on page 141. ;-)"
    "I think it's different for me reading it because I'm actually visualizing the character of our family members. Love Trudy...Mr.Tony..... I feel like I'm reading our family history. It's a good read and i've even Laughed OUT LOUD reading some of it." 
    "Sooooo while I like both endings, because of where I am in my life the alternate ending spoke directly to me! There is so much pressure by friends and family to be married, when deep down I know for ME the person that deserves ME has not entered my life. I am comfortable and LOVE where I am in my full life and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant! Excellent read... Just excellent! Thanks for sharing! Good Night! Sleep tight! Lol"
    "Hey. Finished the book. Great reading and message. Loved Peaches so real and honest. Enjoyed it." 
    "GM, girl...I read Big Momma all the way home & then until 2:40 am this morning...I'm up to "Nowhere to Run-Nowhere to Hide"...can't wait to finish...WOW...this is definitely great storytelling. ...couldn't put it down.:-) Thanks for your insights into LIFE.....Luv,Luv you!<3"
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