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When You Live In Fear - How to Get Out of a Relationship that is Killing You
By Darlene Greene  
A self-help for victims of domestic violence or family and friends who are trying to help someone who is in a violent relationship. 
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Welcome to the  Ina Mae Greene Foundation - For My Sisters website.  We are a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to help victims of domestic abuse.  5.3 million women a year in the United States are abused by a person who is suppose to love them. We want to give women hope by giving them information and assistance where they need it. We will offer information about local shelters, police, legal assistance, medical, along with where to find counseling for adults and children. We offer as much information as we can so that victims in need can claim back their life and the lives of their children. We are not a shelter or legal service, we are women who have been abused and we know what it is like to feel scared, lost and alone.  We will act as a go between, if needed, between the victim, her church, the police department and her family. We are here to help the victims and their family as long as they need us!
“Every 7 seconds a woman is beaten and abused by a partner or ex-partner. Every 48 hours a woman is being murdered in the United States and 25% of all homicides in this country of women between the ages of 15-24 are relationship or dating related.”

Darlene Greene knows about these and other related statistics when it comes to domestic abuse and violence against women and girls. In her book, Blood Relatives: Breaking the Cycle; Breaking the Silence, Darlene opens a vein and bleeds her painful truth. The truth of dealing with the aftermath of the violence inflicted upon a beloved cousin, aunt and younger sister.

She is determined that their tragic deaths and the death of other women and girls at the hands of men who profess to ‘love’ them will not be in vain.

 Darlene Greene is Founder and Executive Director of The Ina Mae Greene Foundation, a valuable resource for victims of domestic abuse. Her purpose is focused on helping women and girls leave a violent situation “safely.” 
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Big Momma Didn't Say! is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships.

Big Momma Didn’t Say is book two in the four part book series about the King Family. Read book one, What’s the Matter with James?!; book three, Big Momma Is Turning Over In Her Grave!; and book four, Men Cry at Night! 

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Chicago Writers Association is talking about Blood Relatives!

If you think that the scariest thing associated with October is Halloween, think again. October marks National Domestic Violence Month--a time to increase awareness of stalking, date rape, and mental and physical abuse in relationships. Read more here.
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